lundi 20 octobre 2014

From Sydney with love

Hi guys!
Here I am ! I'm finally posting pictures of my first three weeks in Sydney! A lot of things happened but here is quick summary (pictures taken with my camera and my phone).

Home for the next six months

The first days, I felt so small in this big city !

 I met Laura, my roommate from Italie, and we craved gozyas in the middle of the afternoon.

 You can meet this cute little bird everywhere!

Veronika, trying to sleep in the train. My host family lives at one hour by train to the centre of Sydney...

The famous Harbour Bridge

And the Opera House!

During the weekend, we like to spend the afternoon at the beach. This one is Watson Bay.

DJ Justus

German buddies

 Robbi and Harry, the Italian brothers.

Eating fish and chips while waiting for the ferry.

And taking pictures of the amazing sunset 

This is Bondi Beach, one the most famous beach especially for the surf (the waves are huuuuge).

Yuka, my japanese roommate

Simen Tennis

David from Switzerland

Veronika, the Tim Tam addicted

Beautiful rommy <3

On the 7th of Octobre, we had the chance to see a lunar eclipse called "the Blood Moon". Unfortunately, the sky was too cloudy after 9pm so we missed the red color.

We had a sushi night at Veronika's place.

Yuka, the sushis' expert!

Japanese Master Chef!

California rolls

Drunken Simen     

Coockie Fortune

We took part to the Neon Run, a night race of 5 km in the center of Sydney !

Arrows Team !

Sweet Marjorie

We also had our first "barbie" on the beach !

Shelly Beach

Barbie means barbecue in the Australian slang!

Sleeping beauty

Sometimes, it's raining in Sydney too! Museums become the best indoor activities. This one is the museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Marvin captivated by the work of Annette Messager

0,30$ for an ice-cream, who said Sydney was an expensive city?

A few days ago, Sydney has been hit by a major storm!

I'll do my best to post pictures more often on the blog! Stay tuned :-) !