mercredi 19 novembre 2014

lundi 3 novembre 2014

Walk this way

This is the second photo summary of my trip in Sydney! I still don't have Internet at home so it's a bit difficult to post pictures daily but I'll do my best to update my blog more often this week!

A few weeks ago, we went to the Night Noodle Markets which took in place during the Good Food Month festival!


It was like a giant picnic !

On Sunday, it was Laura's last day in Sydney.

My favorite Italian girl flew back home ! :(

We also went to the Blue Mountains with Veronika and Luke, an Australian guy we met at the swimming pool.

Those rocks are called the "Three Sisters".

Vroni :)

Veronica and Luke, enjoying a small fruity break.

During the weekend I took the ferry to go to Watson Bay!

The view from the ferry is amazing! You can admire Sydney's skyline.

We slept on the beach and when we woke up, it was cloudy !

Vanessa, my futur rommy :)

Beautiful Eva!

When took the ferry to go back, we saw a storm coming to Sydney.

We had diner together!

5$ for a yummy pizza!

Fatty Simen and his big burger!

Back to Rooty Hill, I saw a beautiful firework

Sometimes, Rooty Hill can be nice but I'm so relieved to move out in 2 weeks in a new host family :) Don't forget to check my instagram account for more pictures :)